SEAMEX 2019 Presentations

Rio Yudistira Eryanza · 18th Oct 2019 17:08

Call for Presentations

SEAMEX Conference 2019 is an opportunity for academics, students, scholars, and scientists from around the world to create lasting relations for future collaboration. We encourage to share their experiences and to contribute to the developing of diverse subjects, offering them the perspective of an interdisciplinary approach. 

Music has been flowing across the world for over a century, not bound by national borders. It has been consumed and produced by many, including Southeast Asians. Music in Southeast Asiaelaborates the complex ways innovations were embedded into continuities, or how new and old trends were linked. It argues, moreover, that, in order to understand the Southeast Asian world of music, it is necessary to shift from an exclusive focus on stardom towards a perspective that includes the everyday practices of the countless anonymous and, to a large extent, unrecorded performers and their publics.

To address these issues, as well as any other questions and topics related to Music in Southeast

the Third of Southeast Asia Music Education Exchange  (SEAMEX 2019) Conference, to be held on 6-8 September 2019 at the Jogja Nasional Museum (JNM), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The general theme of the conference is: “Across Boundaries: Music, Diversities, and Interconnection in Southeast Asia”.


There will be four options: panels (of 3 or 4 presenters), individual papers, film/video presentations, or poster sessions.


Proposals of organized panels are strongly recommended (two-hour long sessions with four papers, or three papers and a discussant). Each session should leave at least 30 minutes for discussion or for comments by a discussant immediately following the presentations. The panel organizer should submit the panel abstract and all individual abstracts (200 words each) in one document, with a full list of participant names and email addresses. Where an independently submitted abstract appears to fit a panel, the Academic Committee may suggest the addition of a panelist.


We invite abstracts of no longer than 200 words, including five keywords for programming purposes and an optional list of references (max 10). Individual paper presentations are 20 minutes long to be followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

Film/Video session

Recently completed films introduced by their author and discussed by conference participants may be proposed. Submit a 200-word abstract including titles, subjects, and formats, and indicate the duration of the proposed films/videos and introduction/discussion.


The following format should be used:

  • Name, affiliation, and contact email address
  • Type of presentation (select one from the panel, individual paper, film/video)
  • Title of presentation
  • Abstract (200 words maximum; in the case of panels, including a general abstract followed by individual abstracts, in total 1000 words maximum)
  • Five keywords
  • Bio (80 words maximum; in case of panels, bios of all participants)

Each participant may present only one paper at the Conference, but may also preside over a panel or serve as a discussant. The conference organizers look forward to receiving your submissions!


Call for Presentation