SEAMEX 2019 Music Edu Fair Exhibitors

Rio Yudistira Eryanza · 18th Oct 2019 15:45

Call for Music Edu Fair Exhibitor

SEAMEX is the first dedicated marketplace for music education in Southeast Asia, and in the 3rd edition in SEAMEX 2019, Music Edu Fair comes as the main aspect between music education and industry. Music Edu Fair involves exhibitors from music institutions, musical instrument products, music associations, music management/production company, music teaching and learning organizations, and all parties within the music ecosystem. This platform aims to serve as a link between formal and non-formal educational institutions, also connecting with music producers in large and small industries. Through these gatherings and exhibitions, there will be mutually beneficial cooperation for the advancement of the creative economy in Southeast Asia.

Exhibitors are listed but are not restricted to the following:

- Music formal/non-formal institution

- Music instrument product

- Music service provider

- Music record label

- Music distributor

- Music/book publisher

- Music/cultural NGO

- Music/art community

- Music research institution

- Music media platform

To apply online, please log on to fill in the Music Edu Fair Exhibitor Application Form. For further information and submission of audition playing please email [email protected]

Closing Date for Application: Friday 26thJuly, 2019. 



Call for Music Edu Fair Exhibitor